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About us

Mobio is a technological company that offers Internet and mobile phone payment processing solutions, as well as various mobile and SMS services. Inspired by the opportunities that the Internet and mobile technologies provide, we started working on our services back in 2005. In August 2006 we launched the SMS micropayment service.

Our clients’ requirements are what guides us in the process of developing our services, and we strive to provide solutions - not just services. We believe that our satisified customers are the most valuable asset of the company, and we strive to respond to our current and future partners’ high expectations in any initiative of ours. We love hearing our customers’ feedback on our weak points, as well as their own ideas for improving the services.

The development of our services is continuous. Every new opportunity added, or an improvement made in any of our services is inspiring us for our future development and is also showing us the opportunities for developing new services.