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Privacy policy

Mobio.bg engages itself to protect your confidentiality. Mobio.bg collects and uses solely such personal data of yours, that is related to your work with Mobio.bg or on which the correct functioning of Mobio.bg depends.

Personal data collection

Mobio.bg will ask for information which identifies you personally (personal data) and which is necessary for providing the service of Mobio.bg. The data collected by Mobio.bg may include (but not limited to) name, company name or organization, EGN, address, e-mail address, telephone number, bank account number.

Mobio.bg collects information for your visits as well as for the software used by you for working with Mobio.bg. This information serves for improving safety when using Mobio.bg and for preventing third, unathourized parties from using your profile in Mobio.bg.

Personal data use

Personal data collected by Mobio.bg is being used solely for ensuring correct functioning of the micropayments system. Mobio.bg engages itself to not sell, rent or provide in any other form your personal information to third parties. Mobio.bg can contact you at the specified address and e-mail address in order to notify you of changes in the terms or operating mode of Mobio.bg’s system, issues concerning your work with Mobio.bg, and in order to inform you of scheduled prophylaxis and any other events that concern Mobio.bg’s operations.

Personal data protection

Mobio.bg undertake to protect your personal data. Mobio.bg uses different technologies and procedures in order to protect your personal data, including connection encryption through SSL encrypting protocol.


Mobio.bg uses "cookies" for your work with the micropayments system. "Cookie" is a small amount of information which is being kept at your web browser registers. "Cookies" cannot be used for installing any kind of additional software on your computer. "Cookies" are only accessible to the internet page that asked for their creation.

Confidentiality policy change

Mobio.bg can change their confidentiality policy whenever the need arises for it. At any such change you will be notified by e-mail or by letter to your postal address.